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Medical Investment Opportunity in the US

Current building ready to be retrofitted located in Houston, TX

Atmosphere Investments has proposed developing purpose-built and state of the art surgery and recovery care centers that remove this high overhead charged by hospitals, improve patient care, and improve surgeon’s margins while yielding the investors estimated rates of returns in excess of 30% per year. The minimum investment is $20,000,000 USD.

Investor downside risk is minimized since investors own the real property, equipment, and license of the constructed facility.


Medical Investment Opportunity

There is opportunity to develop many of these Advanced Technology Surgical Facilities (or “ATSF”) across the nation. The first units will be in the state of Texas and completed with local Atmosphere Investment agents’ supervision.

The funds raised are solely utilized to implement the ATSFs, including setting up the land location, permits and licenses, and design/build of the ATSF Facility.

The funds requested are for the Projects, and leave the investor with ownership in Real and Personal Property, known as the ATSF Facility.

The concept and structure design is retained by the developer that Atmosphere Investments is partnered with and will be implemented for additional Facilities in the near future.

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